How Self Hyonosis Works

Have you ever wondered how hypnosis works?  Can you remember when you were a kid and how easy it seemed for you to be able to focus on a certain activity without being distracted by all of the things going on around you?  Well the older we are now the thought of being distraction free would be a nice change of pace.  We can all agree that the older we get the smarter we get.  We learn through our experiences and through decisions that we make.  All these things help shape and mold us and in the end make us smarter.  But just think that a baby less than 12 months old is capable of learning such complex activities like walking, talking and even feeding itself.  We might take those activities for granted now, but think about those adults that have to try and relearn those simple tasks after suffering a serious accident or stoke.    When you are older it takes much longer to learn these activities than it does a child.     As we get older we learn such things as when something is hot it can burn us, and it is hard to ignore these deep rooted beliefs.  How self hypnosis works is it allows you to clear out your subconscious mind, and then you can begin to train your brain in different ways to help you learn new actions or activities that you might have once thought not possible.

Hypnosis has been around for quite a long time.  When many people think of hypnosis the first image that comes to their mind is that of the hypnotist dangling a pocket watch back and forth in front of someone’s face slowly trying to put them in a trance.  And then snapping his fingers to suddenly wake them up.  But the real goal of self hypnosis is for it to be used as a tool to help us overcome whatever it is in life that might be holding use back from reaching our full potential.  This could be any number of things like over eating, smoking, social anxieties to a fear of heights.  By using hypnosis you are able to focus on a certain thought or idea in order to change your habits and behaviors.

Everybody has the potential to be hypnotized but how effective it will be all depends on how much you are willing to allow yourself to accept the process.  The actual process of hypnotizing oneself is very simple.  The hypnosis process is centered on a few very basic key steps.  It is how these steps are achieved that differs from technique to technique.  The first step in the process is to let your body and mind come to a complete relaxed state.  There are many different levels of sleep that the mind is capable of.  The level of sleep that you are in when you hear your alarm clock ring is much different than when you are heavily medicated just before undergoing surgery.  In the hypnosis process the level of relaxation that you want to be at is right in between being asleep and being awake.  The next step is to focus on a phrase or suggestion.  This is a more intense state of relaxation than you practice on your average day.  When you reach these steps you will become immobile during hypnosis.  You will notice that all five of your senses are much sharper.  The state you are in happens naturally when you are able to increase your concentration during relaxation.  This is called hyperawareness.  You are not technically asleep but you will begin to experience rapid eye movement or REM.  Normally when you are asleep you are not able to wake yourself up but under self hypnosis you are able to wake yourself at any given time.

The key to using self hypnosis to alter your old habit or behaviors is to let your will power push you into submission.  Your subconscious gives you that initial push to do something but it is your conscious that gives you your willpower.  It is willpower that allows us to make big changes to your thinking.  Self-hypnosis would not be possible without the willpower and commitment to give it a try until you reach your goals.