Using Self Hypnosis And Visualization To Stop Smoking

Have you ever considered using self hypnosis to stop smoking?  There are people trying to quit smoking everyday.  There are many products like the nicotine patch or nicotine gum.  There are medications people use to try to help them quit.  There are even those people that try to use their own willpower to stop cold turkey.  While some are able to finally able to quit the majority of people end up failing.  After failing with trying these methods is when people turn to what they believe to be the long shot, self hypnosis.  But in reality self hypnosis is probably one of the most effective ways to put a stop to a nicotine addiction.  You will find that using self hypnosis to stop smoking is a very efficient and compelling way to change the views within your subconscious mind/

Self-hypnosis is made up of a few key parts, like being in a relaxed state, visualization and scripts.  One of the first things that you will learn is how to relax and allow your mind to be open to suggestion.  Being able to get into a relaxed state of mind is a very important piece of the hypnotizing puzzle.  You will also learn some key phrases or scripts that will be aimed at helping you to stop smoking.  You will continually repeat these phrases to yourself.  Another very important process that you will learn to help you quit smoking some visualization techniques.

There are many great benefits to visualization.  It will be a lot easier to complete an activity if you have first mentally imagined completing that task.  When first using the visualization technique an effective path to take is using dissociated visualization.  In simple terms this is imagining yourself doing an activity but you are seeing it as if you are watching yourself on TV.  You will imagine how you would like to live a smoke-free life.  Once you have imagined yourself reaching that goal it will make the real thing that much more inevitable.

Having a clear thought and making a conscious decision that you are going to stop smoking is the first step in visualization.  The end outcome is that you will no longer smoke.  You will want to use your own imagination and creativity to come up with pictures and ideas that will interest you emotionally.  You will respond faster to a hypnotic suggestion the more emotionally charged it is.   Words like “wonderful”, “loving”, “thrilling”, :powerful”, “delightful”, are much more emotionally engaging words.  Since visualizations are suggestions the more striking and intense the picture the better.  First imagine the cigarette, how uncomfortable it feels between your fingers, how bad it tastes in your mouth.  Imagine what the smoke looks like, how bad it tastes in your mouth.  You can use associations with the cigarette.  Some negative associations are that it tastes like a garbage can or an ashtray.  Picture yourself kissing an ashtray, that alone might be enough to help you stop smoking.  

Many people find that using self hypnosis and visualization to help them stop smoking is a very powerful and effective tool.  They find that using their imagination to create a desired outcome is a very easy to use technique.  You will be able to meet your goals to become a non-smoker much more easily by visualizing yourself after the change has happened.