Applying Self Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Using hypnosis to stop smoking can be a very effective way to quit and probably one you have never tried. But before we get into that I want you to ask yourself these questions. How many times have your tried to quit smoking?  How successful have you been?  How tired are you of dealing with the daily problems that come with being a smoker?  The nagging cough and sore throat, getting winded before you even make it to the top of the stairs.  I’m sure for a long time you have known that it is time that you stop smoking cigarettes, but you are worried that it might be more of a hassle to quit than is really worth.  But there is a way to get around all those negative experiences like nicotine withdrawal, and that is by using self hypnosis to help you quit.  You will not constantly be in a bad mood like so many other people who are trying to quit.  And you won’t be replacing one bad habit with another bad one as you try to quit smoking and steer your life to a healthier one.

What self hypnosis does is it gives you access to your subconscious mind so that you can reprogram your brain to get done what your willpower has been having a hard time doing.  Who here has ever said to themselves that they have a lack of willpower?  Your behaviors and emotional drive are controlled by your subconscious and this is the reason that you have a lack of willpower.  Your conscious and subconscious ,must work together in order to quit smoking.  Even if you have consciously made a decision to quit you do not have a chance to succeed without your subconscious working in line with you.  Self hypnosis will help to get your conscious mind and subconscious mind working in line and together.  To overcome the desire to want to smoke, self hypnosis will be a very powerful motivator to help you quit.

When using self hypnosis to quit smoking, the first step that you want to take is getting your mind and body to a complete relaxed state.  Find a quite room or area that does not have any distractions, that you can use on a daily basis for your hypnosis sessions.  During your relaxation session you want to go over repeatedly in your mind some positive self hypnosis scripts or phrases.  When creating your self hypnosis scripts there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Keep your phrases short and concise and in the present tense.  Always make sure your phrases are of a positive nature.  Using the word ”I” in your phrases is very powerful.  Try using such phrases like, “I am in control, cigarettes have no control over my life”, or “I will not smoke ever again” or “I have made the decision to quit and I am happy”.

 In your quest to stop smoking you will find that it does not take long for your subconscious to begin to absorb the ideas and suggestions that you are offering it.  Studies have shown that one of the leading and most successful ways to quit smoking is through self hypnosis.  With practice and persistence in no time you will be living a happy and healthy smoke free life.