How To Use Scripts With Self Hypnosis

Reaching your goals can be made a lot easier by learning how to perform self hypnosis.  By learning how to hypnotize yourself and properly use hypnosis scripts you can improve just about any area of your life.  Basically the suggestions or phrases that you say to yourself in order to alter your mindset are called scripts.

There are a few very important parts related to using self hypnosis scripts.  The first very important part to remember is to always use your self hypnosis scripts in a positive manner.  Saying such thing as, “I will stop…” or “I don’t want to be like…” would be negative.  When you use negative scripts your brain first visualizes yourself doing the undesired activity before it can understand the command that you are trying to tell it.  You are in fact reinforcing the negative activity rather than stopping it.  So you want to create positive suggestions like “I am happy, healthy and smoke free” or “I am slimming down”.  When creating your scripts be sure to stay in the present tense.  Also do not refer to past conditions.  One tip that makes this easier is to stay away from verbs that end in –ing.  Keep your phrases short and sweet.  You want to give your mind exact clear commands to follow.   

Making direct commands to your subconscious while under a relaxed state is what self hypnosis simply put is.  But in order for it to be the most effective, you need to continually repeat your suggestions and commands to your brain in order to get the maximum effect.  Also, you do not want to just repeat the same phrase over and over.  You want to come up with more than one way to deliver the information to your brain.  For example. If you are using self hypnosis to stop smoking, use phrases like “I am smoking less everyday”, or”I am smoking only half a cigarette each time”.

When using self hypnosis scripts one of the most important rules to remember is to use a detailed, progressive approach that leads up to your end goals.  For example, in order to stop smoking you could use such phrases like, “I am smoking less everyday to reach my goal to be a non smoker within 60 days.”  By using such phrases like this one not only are you giving yourself a time factor but also you are restating your end goal.  Another great tip is to personalize your scripts.  Rather than using phrases like “you are” Say “I am’ this will greatly increase the success of your scripts.  You can greatly enhance how effective these scripts have on your brain by directing your subconscious mind to repeat your phrase suggestions quietly to it in the first person.

By using self hypnosis, what you are in essence doing is reprogramming your brain by communicating to it directly with the subconscious.  You really can alter your bad habits and behaviors.  By following these tips when creating your scripts you will see great improvement in your results in your journey to a better life.