Learn To Stop Overeating With Self Hypnosis

A lot of people have a hard time when it comes to dieting.  So don’t begin to think that you are the only one. With all the gimmicks out there few think that they can stop overeating with hypnosis.  We all want to look and feel our best, but there always seems to be something deep inside of us that pushes us to eat more than we really need to.  We want to stop over eating but find it very difficult. There is something that is telling us that we will be happy by fulfilling our current wants and we can worry about whatever problems may come in the future, just then , in the future.  And because of that self hypnosis is starting to be a very popular alternative that people are turning to to try and lose weight.

With self hypnosis you are able to bring your body and mind to a relaxed state.  While at the same time  heightening your awareness and allowing your mind to be more susceptible to suggestion.  Being in this hypnotic state of mind is essential for you in order to begin to influence your behavior and change your old habits.  So now you are in the position to tell your inner self that food is not what makes you happy.  At this point you are able to make the decision whether conscious or subconscious that you are going to lose weight and then actually do it.  The first step to losing weight by using self- hypnosis is to tell yourself in a positive and clear manner the goals that you want to reach and then to actually make a decision to achieve those goals.   Your first self hypnosis session should be dedicated to making the decision to lose the weight and also the difficulties that you have gone through with your weight.  Be sure to always talk to yourself in a positive tone.  Never have any doubts that you are not going to be able to lose the weight.

Another area that you want to take a look at is why you want to lose weight.  Is it because of health reasons, or is it that you want to be in better shape and look good.  What ever the reasons that you decide are up to you.  Also try to come up with some motivating factors to help you to lose weight.  Is it that you want to be more active.  Or maybe you want to be able to fit into your favorite clothes that you are not able to wear any more.  Now try to figure out the reason why you over eat, have a unhealthy diet or snack in between meals.  Some questions that you want to ask yourself are, how does eating the foods that are not good for you make you feel emotionally?  Does over eating fill a certain void emotionally, if so what is that?

Before you go any further there is one key point that you need to understand and that is that it is not the actual act of self hypnosis that will make you lose weight.  After your first self hypnosis session don’t think that you will wake up having shed those unwanted pounds or that your metabolism will kick in over night.  With self hypnosis what you are doing is altering how you think and view food and eating.  It will give you the tools to shut that little voice up in the back of your head that is telling you it is alright to overeat or eat unhealthy food.  You will be able to take control of your subconscious, which is at a constant battle with your conscious to gain control over your behavior. 

When applying these self hypnosis techniques to lose weight imagine yourself eating more healthy and making better choices in your diet.  Tell yourself that you will workout today.  Don’t let the idea that you are too busy clog your thoughts.  If you are busy tell yourself that you will make time to workout, not only today but also tomorrow.  Think about the goals that you have set and picture yourself reaching and even surpassing those weight loss goals.

Positive visualization is one of the key reasons that losing weight with self hypnosis is so successful.  Being on a diet can be a struggle everyday, not eating the unhealthy foods that you really want to.  But with self hypnosis you are changing the way you think and view food.  So now you can say good-bye to those struggles.